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Dr Alfredo Rolando Ortiz

World renowned soloist of the 'arpa paraguaya (Paraguayan harp), a composer, author, educator and recording artist, Alfredo considers his "most important concerts", playing in the delivery room during the birth of his second daughter, New Year's eve, 1980, and for the birth of his two younger grandsons.
Born in Cuba, when he was eleven years old, he immigrated to Venezuela. Four years later he began studying the Venezuelan folk harp with a school friend. A year later he became a pupil of Alberto Romero on the Paraguayan harp. Two years after his first harp lesson he began medical school in Medellín, Colombia, began performing professionally and recorded his first album. Music supported his studies until graduation. Alfredo has recorded over 40 albums and is the winner of a Gold Record in South America. Author of several books of harp music, including Latin American Harps History, Music & Techniques, the first book ever written about Latin American harps, he has lectured on the subject at many harp events, including the World Harp Congress. His compositions have been performed and recorded by pedal, lever and folk harpists and harp ensembles and are required study at harp departments of universities and conservatories around the world.