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Bill Taylor

Bill is a teacher-in-residence with Ardival Harps, Strathpeffer, in the Highlands of Scotland.  For many years he has taught at the Edinburgh International Harp Festival in the UK, and at the Amherst Early Music Festival in the US, and he is often invited to lead workshops, and to perform, in the British Isles, Europe and the United States. His teaching covers a wide range of subjects: arranging for small harps, using fingernail technique to play wire-strung harps, psalteries and bray harps, and exploring music from medieval, Renaissance and traditional sources. Over the past three years he has taught a series of courses on playing music in the historical Welsh harp manuscript of Robert ap Huw, and he is currently constructing a website to serve as a performing guide for playing that music’s tablature. He has made over thirty recordings as a soloist, and with several different ensembles.