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Dr James Makubuya

Dr James Makubuya is associate professor of music at Wabash College, where he started the World Music program, which included a number of new World music courses, and Wamidan, the World Music Performance ensemble. In addition to endongo (8-string bowl lyre) as his main instrument, Dr. Makubuya is proficient in several other East African traditional instruments including tube fiddles, bow harps, thumb pianos, xylophones, panpipes, flutes and drums. Dr. Makubuya's geographical area of research is East Africa with a focus on organology and cultural context of music. He is an active participant in national and international professional societies including the Galpin Society, International Council for Traditional Music and Society for Ethnomusicology. As a professional musician, James has performed in Carnegie Hall, Eastman School of Music, Brooklyn Academy of Music, etc. A recording artist as well, James has been featured in several documentaries and six studio CD publications.