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Dr Anja Gunderloch

Anja Gunderloch is a Lecturer in Celtic at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland where she completed her undergraduate degree in Scottish Ethnology and Celtic. In due course a PhD followed at the same institution, which focused on the heroic ballads of Scotland but also considered the important Irish parallels of the tradition. The heroic ballads and other traditions connected to Fionn mac Cumhaill and his companions remain one of her research interests; others are Scottish Gaelic literature between c. 1570 and c. 1850 with particular emphasis on eighteenth-century material, the Scottish Gaelic manuscript tradition, and collecting and collections of Gaelic texts in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Other important interests are the poetry of Donnchadh Bàn Macintyre (1724-1812) and the emergence of Gaelic print culture. She is currently the president of the Scottish Gaelic Texts Society.