The HHSI Rental Harp Collection

Affordable access for HHSI members to the first ever rental collection of early Irish harps

The HHSI offers a tutor-finding service for early Irish harp tuition for term time classes in Dublin, Galway, Kilkenny, Armagh and Waterford. Classes are individual and normally last for sixty minutes. Longer lessons are also possible.


Tuition is also available (every venue except Armagh) in other historical harps:


  • single-row, medieval and Renaissance harps, with gut strings.
  • double and triple-row, seventeenth-century baroque harps from Spain and Italy, with gut strings.


Please email or call 086 8623430 or +44 744 5733450 [Armagh tuition only] for more information.

The HHSI can also provide information on virtual tuition available (nationally and internationally) by Skype (and other similar online systems). Please contact us for details.

The HHSI Student-Harp Collection is the only rental collection, in the world, of new early Irish harps, copied from extant historical instruments preserved in Irish and Scottish museums. This allows early Irish harps to be available to HHSI members to rent, while they are taking tuition with an HHIS tutor. The Collection has been made possible by funding from The Music Capital Scheme, supported by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht and managed by Music Network.

Cost: €35 per month with a returnable deposit of €150
Terms: Harp renters need to become HHSI Associate Members and take at least 60 minutes tution with an HHSI tutor each month. All rental harps may be recalled each July for the week of Scoil na gCláirseach–Festival of Early Irish Harp.

The HHSI Student-Harp Collection instruments have been custom built for the HHSI by harp makers Natalie Surina (IRL) and David Kortier (USA). 

The HHSI is always looking to expand its collection of instruments. If you would be interested in sponsoring the acquisition of a new instrument, please get in touch. Sponsored instruments can be named or inscribed with the name of their sponsor.

The HHSI is also collecting antique and replica harps. If you have a harp you would like to donate to us, please get in touch.