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Beginning - 14 Oct 2023

Overcoming performance anxiety


A six-week course for all who struggle with performance nerves. You’ll learn what performance anxiety is, why it happens, and how you can use physical and mental tools to lessen the symptoms. You’ll work on practice techniques that will help you to focus on the process of music-making. You’ll also be given a safe, encouraging and supportive forum to begin exploring performing, so that you can put the tools you are learning into practice. By the end of the course, you’ll have begun to harness the positive aspects of nerves (yes, there are some!) so that your performance is better and more enjoyable for you and your audience.


Course Duration

6 Sessions



Class Time

5:30–6:45 pm (Irish time)




Saturday | 5:30–6:45 pm (Irish time)

14 Oct

Session 1

What is Performance Anxiety?

A survey of the physiological and psychological basis of performance anxiety, and how to begin calming the physiologic symptoms.

28 Oct

Session 2

Cognitive approaches

How to begin dealing with the ’twisted thinking’ that makes performance anxiety more severe.

04 Nov

Session 3


There is a strong correlation between performance anxiety and perfectionism. How can we be kinder to ourselves?

11 Nov

Session 4


How improving our practice routines can improve our anxiety levels.

18 Nov

Session 5

Creating a process-oriented outlook (week 1)

Learning how a focus on process (rather than product) can alter our performance.

02 Dec

Session 6

Creating a process-oriented outlook (week 2)

A continuation of week 5, plus a course summary.

What to Expect

In this course, students will

  • understand the physiologic symptoms of performance anxiety
  • explore the relationship between the physiological and psychological elements of performance anxiety
  • learn basic tools to reduce the severity of anxiety symptoms
  • develop strategies for dealing with the cognitive distortions that exacerbate anxiety
  • explore perfectionism as a trigger for performance anxiety
  • fine-tune goal-setting and practice techniques for improved performance
  • learn how to give and receive feedback and evaluate performance constructively

Technical Requirements

  • A laptop, desktop or tablet computer; we do not recommend using a phone to participate
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Access to a printer for downloadable course materials
  • Access to the Zoom platform; further information to help you get set up for participating over Zoom will be sent after you have registered

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