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side view of Student Mullaghmast
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For the sixth in our series of accurate, high quality, student early Irish harps, we wanted a really big 18th century baroque instrument, to contrast with the petite 18th century Student Downhill design.

The Mullaghmast is a very elegant and graceful baroque Irish harp. with a huge bass range with extremely long bass strings, down to G, 2 1/2 octaves below middle c'. Its sound is very beautiful, extremely rich and velvety, giving the most amazing tone. It is the ideal instrument for the music of the music of the 18th-century harpers such as Turlough Carolan, and to explore the other baroque Irish music collected by Edward Bunting from the playing of the last of the Irish harpers such as Arthur O’Neill at the end of the 18th century.

The HHSI Student Mullaghmast harp is not a replica, in that it is manufactured using simplified modern construction methods. But it aims to present the shape, size and layout of the historic original as accurately as possible so that the tactile and ergonomic experience of playing it is correct.

HHSI Student Mullaghmast: features and specification

  • 34 brass strings, GG up to d''',
  • Two adjacent strings tuned to the note g below middle c' (two octaves above the lowest note GG), known as "na comhluighe"
  • The positioning of the 34 pegs shoes copied from David Kortier's measurements from the 18th century original in the National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, ensuring accurate historical string spacing and angles.
  • Overall longest dimension
  • Unitary, laminated neck-pillar construction
  • Pieced soundbox respecting wood grain orientation, from willow
  • mortice and tenon joint at top of soundbox, bolt at base
  • Triangular metal string shoes nailed on
  • Tapered through tuning pins to fit standard pedal harp size tuning key
  • Back access holes for easy stringing
  • For info on the original Mullaghmast harp, please click here.

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The HHSI has some Student Mullaghmast harps available for rental; please enquire for waiting times and rates.

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