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side view of Connemara Queen Mary
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Since 2005, the HHSI has had a ground-breaking project of making available affordable student versions of early Irish harps based on the surviving museum instruments. We started with our HHSI Student range, and now, in 2014, we are proud to present the first in a new line of Irish-made instruments, the HHSI Connemara queenmary, made by Ériú Harps.

Ériú Harps is Ireland’s new and very promising harp making company, based in Oughterard, Connemara. All harps in the HHSI Connemara Harp series are handmade from locally sourced native Irish timber, with solid soundboards, hand carved necks and pillars and are made in accordance with the latest research on the extant early Irish harps in Irish and Scottish museum and private collections. Ériú Harps uses only native Irish timber for these instruments, and strives to source all other materials within Ireland.

HHSI Connemara Queen Mary: features and specification

  • 29 strings, G to f'''
  • Two adjacent strings tuned to the note g below middle c' (an octave above the lowest note G), known as "na comhluighe"
  • 20 brass strings; the lowest 9 of sterling silver
  • Soundbox and frame made from locally sourced Native Irish Lime or Poplar
  • Glued-up soundbox with solid one-piece soundboard
  • Laminated frame
  • Mortice and tenon joint at top of soundbox and at base
  • Metal string shoes
  • Tapered through tuning pins to fit standard pedal harp size tuning key
  • 10 year warranty
  • Overall length 31" (80cm)
  • For info on the original Queen Mary harp, please click here.

This reconstruction is made according to the latest research on the Queen Mary harp and other early Irish harps kept in Irish and Scottish museums.

The poplar version is super lightweight and forgiving to play; the lime version is lightweight and highly resonant.

side view of Connemara queenmary
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Price: €2220
A deposit of €600 secures your instrument.
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The HHSI has some Connemara Queen Mary harps available for rental; please enquire for waiting times and rates.

For any enquiries to do with your order, please email shop@irishharp.org.

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