The following items are available for download:

HHSI Student Trinity String Chart:
PDF 38k
This chart is also used for the HHSI Student Queen Mary harp, and for the HHSI Connemara Trinity and Queen Mary harps.

HHSI Student Lamont String Chart:
PDF 36k

HHSI Student Otway String Chart:
PDF 44k (updated September 2015)

HHSI Student Downhill String Chart:
PDF 52k

HHSI Student Mullaghmast String Chart:
PDF 52k

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society from 1908-10
containing Charlotte Milligan Fox’s editions of selected songs from the Buntingmanuscripts.
Volume 6: PDF 1.8MB
Volume 7: PDF 1.9MB
Volume 8: PDF 1.7MB

Journal of the Irish Folk Song Society from 1927-39
containing Donal O’Sullivan’s editions of Bunting’s published tunes, including melodies from the manuscripts, song airs and other useful information.
Parts I to III covering Bunting’s 1796 collection:
PDF 18.6MB (updated 28 Feb 2014)
Parts IV to VI covering Bunting’s 1809 collection:
PDF 22.6MB
For more info see The Bunting mss at earlygaelicharp.info

Minutes of HHSI AGM:
22nd August 2015
20th August 2016

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