Historical Harp Society of Ireland

The Historical Harp Society of Ireland maintains a collection of early Irish harps, for rental to students attending HHSI classes and lessons.

rental harps
L-R: HHSI Student Downhill, Otway, Lamont & Trinity

Our rental instruments, the HHSI Student harps, are copied from extant historical instruments preserved in museums in Ireland and Scotland. They have been made for the Society to its detailed specifications, by master harpmaker David Kortier.

This unique collection is the first and only publicly-available collection in the world of new early Irish harps copied from the museum originals. For more photographs and detailed specifications of each of the models, please visit the HHSI online harp shop.

Rental rates are currently €35 per month, with a returnable deposit of €150. All harps may be recalled during August for Scoil na gCláirseach - Summer School of Early Irish Harp where they are rented out to summer school participants for the week of the summer school.

The HHSI is always looking to expand its collection of instruments. If you would be interested in sponsoring the acquisition of a new instrument, please get in touch. Sponsored instruments can be named or inscribed with the name of their sponsor.

The HHSI is also collecting antique and replica harps. Click here for more information on the HHSI Historical Harp Collection.